Relishers. I am writing this from the upstairs of the MINT gallery where a new show is opening on Saturday called FUN ART TIME, new work by SQUANTO. And I’m not going to tell you what is on the walls, or on the floor, but trust me that it looks FUN. Bold letters, all caps fun. Apparently I am the last person in ATL to get the Squanto memo, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that the artist is neither grizzled nor leathery, does not carry a panflute (that I could see), does not fraternize with pilgrims. In the spirit of fun/laziness, I tried to gchat an interview with her, but she was not having it. I was all, “hey pls gchat with me” and she was all “no”, “who are you”, and “[squanto] is offline and did not receive your chat.” Um. So I think she either has dial-up internet (lame-o) or else does not want to reveal any of the fun things that she has up her sleeve for Saturday. Or maybe option C, I am creepy and not yet clued in to the delicate social boundaries of gchat. Kind of like the time when I Facebook friended everyone in my freshman dorm before we got to school…no…do not…

Never deterred, I cracked the internet code and located her top secret blog at  which is filled with fun stuff like this:

and many other things which I do not know how to embed into this post. The show looks very promising- all fun and games aside, I think there will be some quality work available for your perusal. As well as the following things: bright colors, live music, an 8-foot teepee, dancing, beer, crowds. sounds like a sweet saturday night RITE???

Also Ile’Tambor is playing, as well as Noot d’ Noot. They are both cool bands, and Ile’ Tambor is doing a traditional Bembe drum ceremony.

ch ch check it OUT. MINT Gallery at 684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, unit B. Saturday 11/22 from 8-11 PM.

[and it seems we are not the only ones excited about Fun Art Time.]

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