Robert Sagerman at Marcia Wood

Robert Sagerman returns to Marcia Wood Gallery with his greatly anticipated fourth exhibition, “The Number Escapes Me.” Continuing his use of color and surface richness in materially dense color field paintings to elucidate the philosophy underlying the work, the artist introduces new techniques towards advancing the essential meaning of the paintings.

Robert Sagerman received his MFA in Painting and MA in Art History from the Pratt Institute in 1998, his MA in Religious Studies in 2000 from New York University and his PhD in Hebrew and Judaic Studies from New York University in 2008. Sagerman has exhibited in museums, galleries and art fairs in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, San Francisco and Germany and London. This is his fourth exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery.

Sagerman continues his focus on the sensuality of color and surface as a paradoxical indication to the paintings’ true identity as a metaphor for the underlying immaterial dimension to perceived reality. The exhibition introduces several new developments within the work. Color gradations in some of the paintings suggest a veiling effect that advances the metaphor of nothingness revealed by materiality. Another new approach towards evoking the metaphor for the sublimity of the transcendent is the artist’s decision to maintain spaces between the accumulated marks of paint. As the viewer is able to see through each layer of paint to the original background color the gaps in the material are suggestive of the notion of nothingness and thus insubstantiality.

Gallery Talk; Saturday March 27, 1:00 pm. – 2:00 p.m.

Through April 24.

Marcia Wood Gallery
263 Walker Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30313

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