C. Pyle at DeFoor Centre

“The Art of Seduction” Abstract Designs by C. Pyle

DeFoor Centre is in the mood for love in all of its myriad forms from passionate, to flirty to wildly tempestuous with the work of Caroline Pyle’s solo show at the Forum Gallery, will be aptly named The Art of the Seduction. Her presentation of paintings, complete with her wide array of colors, shapes and textures take art lovers from the flirting stage, to the seductive smile to the full love affair! The show starts January 10h through March 19th.

After surviving a life threatening automobile accident that took years of physical therapy to recover both her cognitive and physical functions, Caroline’s innate, artistic talent exploded on the canvas. “It was part healing process as well as my motivation to face therapy and to regain my sense of self again,” says the artist. This enlightenment showed her that life itself is a creative process that ebbs and flows. A Yale University graduate with a long standing career in the field of health care, she has pulled the two together, mind and body are now one.

Being self-taught, she has conquered the main elements of painting; form, color and placement very naturally. Her organic forms, along with a colorist mind imbue her work with power and passion, evoking emotion from the viewer. “Color represents life in its fullness and I use it liberally and intensely,” says the artist, “vivid color combinations are the hallmark of my dramatic works.”

She will have an array of large, medium and small paintings to view. Some of these are from the depths of her soul to the excitement of her brushstrokes.

The DeFoor Centre
1710 DeFoor Avenue
Atlanta, GA.

Parking for the event is available on site.

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