Brett Callero at Studioplex

“LIVING IN DIG NATION,” an exhibition of new mixed media art by Brett Callero.

This exhibition features a new series of mixed media paintings that combine
digital and traditional mediums.  These works are the result of what Callero
calls “self-appropriation.”  The imagery used  was created through the
comprehensive collection of personal experience.   In these works, the
collection and its documentation are combined with original and appropriated
imagery that ultimately advance into a perpetual cycle of recontextualization.  The resulting tug-of-war between mediated generations
of information spotlights our current disposable definition of originality.
This method of working permits Callero the ability to present multiple
narratives through the power of suggestion and allows subsequent thoughts
and interpretations to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Callero received a MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Callero
has primarily exhibited in Savannah and his hometown of Chicago.  This is
his solo exhibition debut in Atlanta.  His work is held in numerous private
and public collections.  Presently, Callero lives in Atlanta, GA where he is
a working artist, facilitator of creative thinking, and a Professor of
Foundation Studies at the SCAD in Atlanta.

Feb. 21-27.

Unit #143 (on the parking lot)
659 Auburn Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30312

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