Group Show at MINT

“Here We Hide,” New Two and Three Dimensional Work by Joe Tsambiras, Sam Parker, and The Paper Twins.

Here We Hide brings together collaborative duos from Atlanta, Joe Tsambiras and Sam Parker of the Majestic Hours Project and the Paper Twins. All of the participants have been engaged in the Atlanta street art movement, however street art is not the focus of Here We Hide. This exhibit is a combination of collaborative installation and discretely functioning art pieces from each of the artists. The four artists are aiming to create an interior space that mimics the interiors of personal living and work spaces. It will be an assemblage of three dimensional objects emerging from the walls blending gallery and private space.

On display at MINT Sundays from 3p-6p or by appointment through March 21st.

MINT Gallery
684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, Unit B
Atlanta, GA  30312

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