New Works photography show at Fulton Cotton Mill

by Gray Chapman

This weekend, an urban loft in Cabbagetown’s Fulton Cotton Mill was the backdrop for the New Works photography show, featuring works from twelve photography students at SCAD Atlanta. The show is part of the ongoing Emerging Arts Scene project, which seeks to highlight local emerging artists in series of gallery shows at the Cotton Mill (a.k.a. “the Stacks”). Denise Leitch Jackson, the owner and manager of the Emerging Arts Scene Gallery, has been curating art events throughout the city for the last two years.

The New Works show was organized in part by SCAD Atlanta photography student Lauren Necko, under the direction of professor Judith Pishnery, who has held an internship with the Emerging Arts Scene for the past several months. Necko, who will receive her BFA from the college in May, said that the internship gave her the perfect opportunity to organize a senior portfolio exhibition for herself and her classmates. “We took a field trip over to the Stacks, and everyone fell in love with the space,” she explained. “They all were saying, ‘I want to shoot here!’ and ‘I want to live here!’, so it seemed like a great fit.”Necko herself had shot at the Stacks, and her texturally rich architectural shots are included in the show alongside a dozen of her peers’ works. The collection is small but diverse, ranging from ethereal, antiqued landscapes to sharp, contrasted black-and-white images.

Gray Chapman is a writer living in Atlanta.

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