Andrew Moore & Simon Chaput at Jackson Fine Art


Opening Reception with the Artists March 26 from 6-8 PM

Informal Artist Talk with Andrew Moore & Simon Chaput

Booksigning with Andrew Moore

Saturday, March 26 at 11 AM

Jackson Fine Art is pleased to present two contrasting solo shows by New York- based photographers Andrew Moore and Simon Chaput.  Andrew Moore’s large-scale images depicting the ruined, yet ornate, remains of Detroit bring a new life to these otherwise stagnant and abandoned locations. Alternatively, with his use of lighting and black backgrounds, Simon Chaput has imposed his own still, quiet beauty to typically animated subjects: waterfalls and nudes.

Andrew Moore’s exhibition is the result of seven trips made to Detroit over the duration of two years. Moore’s show provides a view into the city’s most lavish and opulent interiors which are now declining and forgotten. Moore illustrates that a weakened economy and the forces of time have reduced Detroit’s old symbols of prosperity into a depressed forecast of our nation’s future yet he captures unexplainable and unexpected beauty of a city in collapse. The decaying interiors depict bleakness and despair but when examined further, beauty emerges. Moore states: “My interests have always laid at the busy intersection of history, particularly at those locations where multiple tangents of time overlap and tangle…Detroit is more than a story of physical decline, decay, and transformation; it is a city where the distortion of time is inventing new symbols for the America of the future.”

Waterfalls and Nudes is an exciting collection of Simon Chaput’s high-contrast, black and white photographs, capturing subjects that give the exhibition it’s name.  At first glance the subject may appear to be a rolling landscape, but beyond the immediate simplicity of the image lays a very intimate view of the body. His use of the silver gelatin medium produces fine grainy textures that emphasize the stone-like sculptural nature of these human forms. Chaput’s waterfalls are taken out of their natural environment and placed on the same stark black background as his nudes. It has a similar effect, morphing these beautiful bodies of water into a vision of something else: draped linens or bizarre architectural structures. By pulling these waterfalls and nudes out of context, Chaput is, quite literally, shedding a new light on a historically popular subject matter.

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