The Mom's Laugh Project at Henley Studios

April 16, 2010, 6-10PM
Henley Studios, located at Historic Inman Park.

The Mom’s Laugh Project was established to safe-keep our mother’s memories, personality and stories from the effects of fronto-temporal dementia, or FTD. Each painting depicts an image from her life and passions. When the date in the title arrives and the painting is not sold, the artwork is destroyed like the destruction progressive dementia has on both individuals and their families.

With The Mom’s Laugh Project patrons have a chance to preserve the artwork and in effect the memory it represents!  Additionally, 20% of all sales go towards the Association of Fronto-temporal Dementias; thus, by buying a piece of art, patrons are also helping to find a cure and to assist many families and individuals affected by this disease.

To preserve a painting, patrons can visit or attend our next event.

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