Ken Kotara and Brett Smith at Sandler Hudson

KENN KOTARA “the in between is mine” and BRETT SMITH “15 seconds”
April 9 – May 15

Sandler Hudson Gallery announces recent work by Asheville artist Kenn Kotara. This exhibition, titled, “the in between is mine,” includes mixed media works on shaped-canvas, suspended metal screens and pencil drawings on mylar. The rooftop space will feature an installation of clay and grass entitled, “Viaticus.”

Kenn Kotara’s work is influenced by natural patterns in mathematics, and natural and life sciences. His elegantly drawn lines, both repetitive and lyrical speak to the abstract and the organic. This body of work continues Kotara’s exploration of nature, based specifically on his series, “Barbe Espagnole,” or Spanish moss. For Kotara, the subtlety and movement of this plant, which grows in pendent tufts, provides great inspiration, for whichever medium he chooses to work.

Kotara’s artwork has been included in over eighty exhibitions nationwide. In the three years since Kotara’s last show with Sandler Hudson, his work has been exhibited the Gallery Meepyung, Seoul, Korea; Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Germany; The UICA, Grand Rapids, MI; Knoxville Museum of Art; Weatherspoon Museum, Greensboro, NC; and The Artist Project in Chicago among others. His work is in public and corporate collections such as the Asheville Art Museum, Paul and Lulu Hilliard Museum, Louisiana State Museum, Bellagio in Las Vegas, Neiman Marcus, Sumisho Hotel in Tokyo, the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica, Wachovia Bank in Charlotte, and Western Asset Management in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Atlanta-based artist and South-Africa native, Brett Smith will conduct an interactive conceptual performance piece during the opening reception of his exhibition entitled, “15 Seconds.” Based on Andy Warhol’s notion of everyone having their 15 minutes of fame, and on the instantaneous nature of our technology-based society, Smith is asking the viewer for participation.
Motivated by Warhol, Smith wanted to see if a work of art could be created in 15 seconds, thinking Warhol’s aforementioned 15 minutes was no longer an option in our time-driven lives.

After a trip to the art supply store, Smith found inspiration in cans of spray paint, concluding it would be the perfect medium for which to make his “instantaneous art.” He decided to make small spray paint works on paper. He found the results quite pleasing and liked the relationship it held to his previous work.

In august of 2009, Smith stumbled upon the “Art in America Guide,” and was taken aback by the image on the cover. It was eerily close to the pieces he had made with spray paint. He eventually found out that the cover was produced by the art department at the magazine. It was the validation he needed. Art could be made in 15 seconds. Further inspired by the current trend of appropriation, and by a quote of Marcel Duchamp’s, stating that the viewer was an integral part of the creative process and without the viewer the work could not be fully realized, Smith decided to literally bring the viewer into the process. He decided to invite the viewer to create the work (in 15 seconds.) Smith feels that this performance piece will lead the viewer “to understand conceptual art as well as the importance of accident in abstract expressionism.”

At the opening, forty people will be asked to create the work on site. Smith will have the participants use florescent spray paint in combination with a black light, so that at night, only work made by the viewers can be seen. There will be a polaroid facebook-like grid that will match the viewer to the work that he or she created. The viewer will sign their polaroid and their “profile picture,’ speaking once again to the instantaneous methods of communication in today’s society.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
1009-A Marietta Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Gallery hours: T-F 10-5, Sat 12-5

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