This Weekend: MOCA Gala and Art Auction 2010

By Ashley Easton

MOCA GA will hold its annual benefit gala and art auction this Saturday, April 10.  A ticket, which is going for $100 in advance, will give you access to the entire evening’s sundry treats.

A cocktail hour with a full bar and hors d’oeuvres will commence at 6:30 p.m., providing guests the opportunity to check out the works that will be for sale during the Live Auction, Silent Auction, and the MOCA market over the course of the evening.  The Silent Auction and MOCA Market will open at 6:30, and the Live Auction will begin at 8.  The MOCA market will feature items including ceramics, jewelry and accessories by Georgia artists.

Some of the talented Georgia artists whose work will be shown during the gala will include: Maria Artemis, Radcliffe Bailey, Beverly Buchanan, Lucinda Bunnen, Kevin Cole, Don Cooper, Suellen Parker, Rocío Rodríguez, Pam Rogers, Ben Roosevelt, Robert Sherer, Whitney Stansell, and Larry Walker.

If you go, keep an ear open for the winners of the 2010/11 MOCA GA Working Artist Project, who will be announced during the gala.

Tickets are available both online via the MOCA GA website, or by phone at (404) 367-8700.

If you’re a starving student or artist and living on a diet of ramen noodles or rice-and-beans, don’t fear.  You too can still enjoy MOCAGA.  In fact, MOCA has an interesting lineup of programs and events, including the opening reception for works by Lucinda Bunnen, Susan Cofer, and Rocío Rodríguez coming up on Friday, April 23.  There are also a number of artist talks scheduled.  Oh, and general admission to the museum for students is a staggeringly modest $1!

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