Garzon + Friday at Studioplex

Detail works on paper by emerging artist Sergio Garzon and Mister Friday, live performance by local musicians, drinks and tapas.

Five percent of all proceeds from the exhibition go to support the newly founded non-profit artist co-op Dodekapus in its efforts to bridge the gap between art and community in Atlanta. The show will also provide the Atlanta arts community and supporters with the opportunity to network and celebrate social progress trough the arts.

Garzon, originally a print-maker , documents the rural life of Atlanta through the use of his speed drawings in an attempt to reflect photographic mechanics while Friday, originally a photographer, exiles photographic mechanics and re-constructs his social imagery through labor intensive drawings. Both artists continue to mediate a bridge between photo developing and the developing of a drawing with their upcoming work. Along with their process both artists attempt to debate the principles of art criticism and art-dynamics in a post-structuralist world through a “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” Please join us for another amazing show full of sounds, food, and a fantastic visual experience and its all free.

659 Auburn Ave.
Atlanta, Ga 30312

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