Omar Richardson at Wm Turner Gallery

Thursday April 22, 6-9:00pm
Omar Richardson
A Lost Past in a Forgotten Future Too

 Exploring cultural and personal symbolism as it relates to the human condition, Omar Richardson makes his postgraduate debut at the Wm Turner gallery.
Focusing on what is lurking beneath the surface and views it from a more objective, rather than subjective viewpoint, Omar’s monoprints and woodcuts capture and illustrate what has been going on in life’s journey, illuminating family, personal and physical issues. Omar has also expanded upon these concepts through the use of photography, advancing his work, capturing a different series and a complex world that reflects his experiences, and immersing himself in all of the cultural emotions through text as a patent and detail of his work. It is through this windstorm of emotions that he finds his voice and pushes his work even further, as he journeys through love lost, friendships and most of all, the pain, reflection and memories of death that reveal both the frailty and the strength of the human condition.

April 22- May 22, 2010
Wm Turner Gallery
THE STOVE WORKS, 112 Krog Street, Suite 9, Atlanta, GA 30307

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