Blue Mark Hosts 3rd pARTy, Brings Together Music, People, Art and Philanthropy

By Ashley Easton

What do you get when you but together a dance club atmosphere, live music, a lot of art and just a dash of philanthropy?  Well, a lot of fun…or a pARTy, to be more precise.  Last Friday, April 16, Blue Mark Studios hosted their third pARTy.  I’m guessing that this is the the third one because the first two were such a hit, and this one was no exception.

The fact that Blue Mark Studios is actually a converted church space only added to the interesting multi-genre interest of the event.  Three different levels within the Studios featured live music, painting, multimedia works, and photography. (Not to mention a lot of people having a good time.)

Bryan Seay, founder of Blue Mark Studios said in a press release, “We’re very excited to be hosting this event for the 3rd time here in Atlanta. It is our sincere hope that this event will help individuals gain a better understanding of self-expression and creativity through the exposure to local art and performance.”

The event brought together a range of people across the arts spectrum that appreciate creativity and self-expression, from dance and music lovers to visual artists and art enthusiasts.

An ongoing raffle was part of the evening to help raise money for Bright Futures Atlanta, a local nonprofit that works with inner-city youths and their families.

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