Kids, Art and Galleries: Special Event at the Contemporary

Special Event: Be Kind to Animals, at the Contemporary May 2

Whet you child’s appetite for art and the gallery scene with “Be Kind to Animals,” a special event at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center next Sunday

No one’s going to argue that art galleries and shows are a rather sophisticated and grown-up sort of scene.  Usually it’ll involve the likes of artists, dealers, curators, buyers, cocktails and plenty of schmoozing all around.  Not exactly the kind of event you’d bring your kids along to, unless you have absolutely no other recourse.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to introduce your kids to art in a gallery setting, there’s an event coming up that sounds like a ball.  May 2-8 is “Be Kind to Animals” week, and the Atlanta Humane Society is organizing their annual pre-k-12 art contest and show to honor the occasion.  Sixty selected works will be on view for an awards ceremony and viewing at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center on May 2 from 2-4pm.

It might be fun to let your your kiddo call up a friend or two and let them organize their very own art outing, for a change. (Just substitute an post-show ice cream trip for the usual cocktails and hors d’ouevres!)

– Ashley Easton

2 thoughts on “Kids, Art and Galleries: Special Event at the Contemporary

  1. Just wanted to say we’ve taken our daughter (now 9) to see exhibits at The Contemporary and elsewhere for years. She thinks of the openings as fun, sometimes helping out the interns at the front desk. She became a big fan of The Contemporary a few years ago, when the main exhibit included brightly colored swings and skateboards!

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