Andy Moon Wilson at GetThis! Gallery

Opening reception: Friday, May 14th, 7-10pm

Artist talk: Saturday, June 19th, 12-1pm
(during Westside Arts 3rd Saturday Art Stroll)

Sponsored by Scion.

“If you close your eyes and press your knuckles hard against the closed lids, you begin to see patterns. If you could record those patterns, and spray them on the wall to examine, then you might have something that looks like this show. Meticulously detailed, painstaking and obnoxious drawings collide in a sickly-sweet explosion of zeitgeist riffage, architecture and industrial design.

The 500+ drawings in this show are intended to be read as a single piece, although they can also stand as discrete objects. The work is designed to provide an open-ended experience, there is no predetermined “message”. The imagery and text within the work function as “phrase triggers”- codes or icons that represent concepts. As the viewer “reads” the work, various concepts, each of which each viewer has his or her own ideas about, are triggered in random sequence, similar to hypertext linking. Philosophically, the work is heavily influenced by existential-phenomenology and post-structuralism. The goal is to stimulate an interesting thought pattern in the viewer.” -Andy Moon Wilson

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