Clark Vreeland at Eyedrum

Opening Reception – May 7 – 6-9pm

Clark Vreeland’s work is intentionally flat, leaving paint as the only distinguishable feature on its surface. Any perceived depth is accidental and in the mind. The paint serves no illusion and no reference, except to itself. The one exception is the symbolic language that has developed throughout the work. Vreeland roots these symbols in the observation of different types of energy.

Vreeland’s work involves a neurotic process that has continued throughout his life. Starting with drawings, then paintings, he repetitively assigns meaning to symbols that evolve by studying their movement and repetitive appearance. The forms and significance that the symbols take on is a naturally occurring process of distilling order from “intention.” The drawings on paper, in particular, create a personal cuneiform that is sorting and ordering chaos.

The process is even further defined by the singular elements depicted. Vreeland arrived at a gestural picture language, which are the large symbols. Each one is accompanied by a short paragraph describing its concept or meaning. The drawings are the drafts for the large symbol paintings. And as the symbol is realized in the work, the symbol and it’s meaning are edited with much more intent.

In another series of two-inch-thick polystyrene paintings, Vreeland ventures into the world of urban cultural icons. These pieces are informed by the external, and they reference a slightly urban aesthetic as Vreeland submits to cultural osmosis and an awareness of the “public.” But even with environmental influences, the process of ordering energy is still derivative of his previous methods.

Multimedia artist Clark Vreeland has been active in the Atlanta arts scene since the mid-1970s. He is now working and exhibiting in Atlanta and New Orleans. His oil, acrylic, and electronic works reflect observations about how we order our visual world. He is also one of the founding members of Atlanta-based nonprofits Public Domain, Inc., and RailRoad Earth, Inc.

Friday, May 7, 2010
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Eyedrum Art & Music
290 MLK Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA

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