Mosaic: The Deconstruction of Nature at Bill Lowe Gallery

Bill Lowe presents:  Mosaic:  The Deconstruction of Nature 
May 21st-June 26th 
Opening Reception: May 21st, 2010 from 6-9pm 

For over forty years, Nall has achieved international recognition as an innovator par excellence.  He was mentored by Salvador Dali and the influence of this Surrealist master informs Nall’s treatment of his groundbreaking watercolor renditions of southern motifs.

Each Nall composition, encased in its intricately carved handmade frame, is an artistic tour de force.  Nall “explodes” the iconic botanical into its cosmic origins, fuses this kaleidoscopic image with Deconstructivist sculptural components, and then couples these elements with intricate tile mosaics influenced by Byzantine culture.

The assemblages are further amplified by potent organic references to primitive/folk influences indigenous to the south.  Each work becomes a visual distillation of key tenants of movements that forged global art history.

About Bill Lowe Gallery
Established in 1989 and located in Midtown Atlanta, Bill Lowe Gallery is considered at the forefront of America’s contemporary art scene.  The gallery represents artists who share powerful and eloquent visions supported by a highly advanced mastery of their media. The gallery is noted for the visceral emotional quality and physicality of its work. These qualities lend a highly theatrical flavor to the gallery’s offering. Thematically, the gallery’s aesthetic is characterized by a metaphysical yearning articulated by process and imagery which is strongly psycho-spiritual and psycho-sexual in nature.  Committed to a standard of excellence amplified by great visual drama, the gallery’s ability to mount exhibitions that resonate powerfully with critics and viewers alike has become legendary. 

Bill Lowe Gallery
1555 Peachtree Street, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30309

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