Group Show at Raw Space

Life is not singular – every life overlaps with something or someone else. With photography, there is the impulse and possibility to enter the lives of others- an attempt to create meaning- to document this overlap. We don’t control the truth or meaning of these photographs because we only know our half of it – the rest of the story belongs to the life beyond ours and the life beyond yours.

“A Life Beyond Yours,” a documentary showcase will take place on Saturday May 22, from 6-10 p.m. It will be held at Raw Space at 341 Fair Street in Castleberry Hill.

Artists include: Jenny James, Devin Oneill, Serene Al Kawas, Richard Martin, Katherine Cooper, Ashley Kauschinger, Jennifer Gochoco, Cassie Robinson, Meredith Ochoa, Jessica Stacy, Deanne Andrus, Rashaad Freeman, Charlie Taylor, Margaret Hiden, Kalen Curtis, Courtney Reardon, Jessica Goldsberry, Matt Jones, Jason Parker, Andy Pruett, Deidra Smith, Karen Shacham, Collin Chappelle, Liz Roberts, Rachel Speed, Wendy Jenkins, Jamie Liles, Tara Lynne Pixley, Stephanie Pharr, Aleya Malacane, Ashley Easton, Sean Wright, Ashley Alves, Michael Mayne

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