Kathleen Flowers at Archetype Gallery

Friday, May 21, 2010
6:00pm – 10:30pm
Archetype Art Gallery at the Mattress Factory Lofts
#118 300 Martin Luther King J.r Drive Se
Atlanta, GA
On Display May 17-21
Opening reception May 21, 2010 6p-10:30p

Archetype Art Gallery presents Kathleen Flowers MFA Painting thesis “Familial bonds” upon unraveling her personal history infused with the contemporary mastery of material process and symbolism. Flowers focuses her materials to the ephemeral investigation conjoined with the utilitarian nature of burlap. She re-contextualizes the burlap from its normal connotations to represent the symbol of family. This coarse material recalls her history as apart of a shared Southern African-American dialogue that finds its roots in Georgia.

These roots lead us to another major material theme present in Flowers work, Georgia red clay. Flowers use of the clay is as a metaphor. The infertile quality the clay has responds to the dissemination of the family, yet there is a medicinal value in the clay used by African-Americans. These materials all work together to create a cohesive dialogue that deconstructs, by using a visual language that traces its history back to the Akan people of Africa, quilt making, and her own contemporary praxis.

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