Matt Relkin at Beep Beep

Beep Beep Gallery presents “The Big Bang,” a solo exhibition of new work by Matt Relkin. Much of Matt’s recent imagery has focused on the Black Tower, dark monoliths that loom ominously over his meticulously created landscapes. These objects represent the dark side of human existence, and are as much beautiful and attracting as they are stark and foreboding. In contrast, images such as The Big Bang (the attached flyer) are “meant to be a reminder of the beauty of creation, which stands in complete contrast to everything the Black Towers represent.”

“I paint each new piece with the hope of creating something beautiful, something that can evoke deep feelings of being human, of existing in a world that is perilously endangered, a world that is being swallowed by the lengthening shadow of the Black Tower.” – Matt Relkin

Matt Relkin at Beep Beep
Matt Relkin at Beep Beep

Although based in New York, Matt’s friendship with Atlanta artists Steven Dixey, Jason Murphy, and Stenvik Mostrom (all graduates of the Ringling College of art and Design) led to his involvement with our Ringling Brothers group show in 2008. In 2009, he debuted his first solo exhibit at Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta with work that serves as a precursor to “The Big Bang”. He was recently interview by Fecal Face Dot Com, as well as being featured on

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