Linda Mitchell at Chastain Arts Center

Linda Mitchell will exhibit “Big Muse,” a new series of mixed media paintings of Zoo Atlanta’s elephants and rhinos at Chastain Arts Center Gallery located at 135 W. Wieuca Road NW, Atlanta, GA. Phone: 404-252-2927. This exhibition is supported in part by a grant from the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs.

Mitchell employs these animals as characters in her narrative pieces, which celebrate the beauty and complexity of our local pachyderms at Zoo Atlanta. These immense creatures also serve as emissaries of the vanishing wilderness, and evidence of the extraordinary gifts which nature has to offer. Mitchell says that she has always been attracted to the tremendous size, mesmerizing movements, and humble beauty of elephants.

In her work, Mitchell explores themes of the self and close relationships, the melding of past and present, loss and memory. Throughout her oeuvre, the artist explores how meaning can be found in the broken and the castoff, with unexpected beauty permeating our daily life. The use of reclaimed and reused materials is environmentally conscious while providing a unique palette for each creation, inviting personal and societal associations to the work. In Mitchell’s paintings, heartfelt emotion coexists with humor, whimsical wit, and a feeling of affection for her animal subjects. Mitchell has described her process as intuitive, with a kind of visual poetry emerging from the layering of images and materials, reflecting the diverse layers of life and experience.

John Mendelsohn has written that, “Mitchell is a prolific artist who delights in a constant flow of creative invention, but throughout her work is a feeling of fleeting beauty, of holding on to yesterday and today, and the recognition of the impermanence of it all… this feeling of embracing what is vulnerable and what is loved and keeping it whole at least for a while is at the heart of her artistic vision.”

Mitchell has exhibited her paintings extensively with solo exhibitions including: The Goddard, Ardmore, Ok; Tinney Contemporary, Nashville; Mason Murer Fine Art, Georgia State University, and Callanwolde in Atlanta, GA; Berry College, Rome; West Georgia University, Carrollton; and The Brimingham Art Association and the Metropolitan Arts Council in Birmingham, AL.

June 28th-August 28th

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