Shelia Pree Bright at Sandler Hudson

Sandler Hudson Gallery presents Atlanta photographer Shelia Pree Bright’s “Girls, Grillz, and Guns” in conjunction with a book signing by nationally known photographer and writer, Dr. Deborah Willis. Dr. Willis’ book, “Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890’s to the Present,” is a remarkable historical record that captures the civil rights era and the triumphs of the present-day. It includes work by some of the great photographers of our time, including, Carl Van Vechten, Eve Arnold, Bruce Davidson and Richard Avedon.

In the exhibition, Girls, Grillz, and Guns, Sheila Pree Bright will display photographs from her Plastic Bodies, and Gold Rush series. Also she is introducing her new series in progress, In High Definition. Bright’s photographs in this exhibit will examine the intersection of male and female beauty standards for people of color and takes a look at Hip Hop culture in America.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
1009-A Marietta Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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