Terri Dilling Artist Talk

Nearly eight miles of the Atlanta BeltLine is open to pedestrians and bicyclists via an interim trail, and a series of art projects are installed along this former railroad corridor all summer.

Terri Dilling is one of more than thirty artists selected. Her project called Burgeoning is a temporary installation of hundreds of paper flowers arranged in a large ring. The designs are screen-printed on paper and then staked into the ground. This installation will grow and change color over time, relating to natural bloom cycles. The imagery is based on flowers, but also on elements from the urban environment, like manhole covers and rail anchors that have been found on site. Thus the project refers to the beauty of nature and to the infrastructure of the city – both significant components of the BeltLine.

The artist will replace the paper flowers as they deteriorate. The installation started as mostly black and white, but will shift to bright colors as the summer progresses.

“Paper is fragile and temporary, just like flowers,” says Dilling, “and I hope it gives viewers a sense of experiencing the art at a special moment. If they return again later they can see it in a different state.”

Dilling’s project is located on the east side, at the end of Krog Street (behind Kevin Rathbun Steak). She is giving a short talk about Burgeoning on Sunday, June 13 at 5:50pm. (This is part of a series of art talks along the trail so you could walk that section between 4-8:30 p.m. and catch different talks.) Her project will be on display through the end of August, and she is creating a time-lapse video to document the piece over time.

Dilling is also part of the Sixfold Collective, a group that has installed a sculpture and garden site on the BeltLine, near the Greenwood Avenue intersection. Recurrence is a spiral-shaped sculpture installation, made of fabric, steel and plants, and incorporates a palette of blues and whites to represent the natural forces of wind and water and to signify energy and abundance. The other artists in the collective are Corrina Sephora Mensoff, Susan Ker-Seymer, Amandine Drouet, Susan A. Cipcic and Ann Rowles.

More information about the BeltLine and the location of the projects is available at http://art.beltline.org.

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