Cosmo Whyte at Swan Coach House

The Swan Coach House Gallery presents a new exhibition by Cosmo Whyte, winner of the 2009 – 2010 Emerging Artist Award. The award is given annually by The Forward Arts Foundation to the candidate recognized as the most dynamic emerging artist in the Atlanta area. A $10,000 cash prize is given in conjunction with an exhibition at the Swan Coach House Gallery. Also shown will be a piece by each of the other finalists Morolake Odeleye, Dayna Thacker, Whitney Stansell, and Whitney Wood.

Whyte writes “Morning Passage is a meditation on memory, both individual and communal, myths, those newly created and inherited, and the subconscious. I am interested in the ways that we ascribe meaning and importance to objects and then use these objects to navigate and understanding the complexities of life. A heirloom can become a divining rod; a keepsake, a time capsule. This body of works seeks to explore the connections between the past and the present, inanimate and the animate, through the lens of the subconscious.”

The Forward Arts Foundation is proud to celebrate ten years of recognizing and supporting emerging artists. The Foundation became concerned in 1999 about dwindling support for individual artists in the Atlanta area. In an effort to address this need, the Foundation approved the new project, The Emerging Artist Award. Please see our website for a complete listing of past award winners. This year’s award is sponsored by The Thomas R. and Loraine P. Williams Foundation.

Through August 7.

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 24 6-8 p.m.
Artist’s Talk: Saturday, July 24 11 a.m.

Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive
Atlanta, GA 30305

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