Daniel Finch at Twin Kittens

TWIN KITTENS presents Pipeline, an exhibition of new paintings by Daniel Finch.

It has been 4 years since the work of Daniel Finch has appeared in Georgia. His large paintings reconstruct mechanical images distorted and degraded by processes of automation and transmission. Daniel shares what compels the physicality of the painting process as opposed to other methods of rendering these images;

“Through my physical interaction, my greatest hope for both myself and my viewer is a reconnection with the primacy and energy of the initial event portrayed.”

The figures within his pictures are, in great part, a search for the remnants of masculine identity among the media icons of his generation. Daniel continues,

“It is no accident that the majority of my subject matter is taken from modern archetypal characters and events, whether historic or mythical: King Kong, Evel Knievel, Bruce Lee, etc. They were, for better or worse, powerful symbols for a young boy growing up in the wake of the sexual revolution, in the post-Vietnam 70’s.”

In the work “Dominguez”, bicyclist Mike Dominguez, is depicted in the midst of a vertical competition in which a rider must accomplish a series of movements in a given amount of time – much like a dancer or gymnast. The rider gains points based on successful negotiation of his or her actions. The painting presents a split second of poised decision-making. The action that follows the image’s depicted moment is left for the viewer to imagine or construct.

Works such as “Dominguez” raise questions surrounding personal challenges, individual achievement and the identity formation.

Through August 14th

Westside Art Walk: Sat. Jul. 17th, 11am-5pm

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