Brandon Sadler at Wm. Turner

Brandon Sadler’s work balances between the beautiful and the grotesque, paying homage to many visual influences: street art culture, photography, mixed media, painting, and drawing. The artist integrates graffiti style and urban culture with technical precision, bold imagery and clean linear qualities of Japanese printmaking. His focus on human behavior, specifically, relationships underscored by sexuality, social politics, cultural iconography, and symbolism. Sadler’s ongoing fascination with man’s conflicted relationships with himself, society, and nature is what prompted the new series: Red Dawn.

This body of work is a return to earlier themes but, more importantly, it is an exploration of materials and techniques. At this moment the whole world is undergoing a season of extreme change, politically, socially, and culturally. It is under the pressure of this changing climate that Sadler has expanded. Using a process centered in experimentation, the artist pushes though his own creative boundaries and doubts in pursuit of a more mature vision; keeping in mind that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Wm Turner Gallery
112 Krog Street, Suite 9 in Stove Works

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