Karen Cleveland, Allen Taylor, Joe Tsambiras at Kibbee

Two-dimensional mixed media artwork by Karen Cleveland, Allen Taylor, and Joe Tsambiras

Karen Cleveland’s work is based on the feeling of being, sleeping and dreaming outside; of moving like the wind through the grass; of speaking the language of the trees; of dreaming like an elk; of flying like a bear. The beings mimic cycles in nature. The figures in the work move seamlessly between self and environment to create an open-ended narrative: they are upswept on invisible currents; they listen and move with the natural world and base decisions on intuition, instinct and song. Always becoming, they flow in-between this world and another, present and future, conscious and subconscious. These works are a retelling of old stories, legends and myth; weaving them into the now, creating new narratives.

Allen Taylor makes atmospheric, abstract pieces that intend to recall the intuitive, reflexive, and often inexplicable feelings that come from sense experiences like listening to music or staring out into nature. Using elements such as collage, dense line work, repeated patterns, and vibrant colors, his work tries to ground some of that wonderful, chaotic energy onto the page.

Joe Tsambiras’ recent work grew out of an interest in how to achieve rhythm and movement in two-dimensional design. Along with the use of patterns, he chooses to incorporate the human form in a variety of combinations. These contrasting elements are intended to evoke the dynamism within and difference between our inner and physical life. Our perceptions, memories, and dreams are amorphous, changing and often ambiguous. The patchworks of various media capture the way our lives bring together what analysis depicts as discrete and unrelated: you say “I love you” as you hear the echo of a gunshot; you make coffee while thinking of audio oscillators. The work is self-consciously open and participative. Encountering the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of a viewer, these juxtapositions are multiplied.

Through July 31.

Kibbee Gallery
688 Linwood Dr., Atlanta, GA 30306 (behind Fellini’s on Ponce)

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