Danny Maughon at Atlanta Photography Group

With his exhibition at the APG InFocus Gallery, Danny Maughon takes the viewer on a journey with both verbiage and visuals into the soul of a man reflecting on his renewed awareness of Life…precious Life.

Curated by APG Executive Director Polly Barr, the images of Life…precious Life were selected from “moments in time“ that caught Mr. Maughon’s eye during his many daily travels at both home and on the road. Later…after taking the initial photos, Mr. Maughon found himself drawing upon his diary, folklore, and perhaps even a bit of cultural philosophy to put the images in their proper perspective… Mr. Maughon then designed photo pages with text that hoped to display his initial emotions while experiencing the fragility of life during the last year.

The resulting body of work on the APG InFocus wall provides simple but rich images from both sides of the pond and as Mr. Maughon comments, “hopefully remind us all…to breathe deep and drink in the joy of life… before the cup is empty… and Truly respect this glorious gift .”

Through August 20.

Atlanta Photography Group Gallery
Tula Art Center
75 Bennett Street, NW
Space B-1
Atlanta, GA 30309

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