Morgan Alexander at Archetype

Morgan Alexander’s “A Lapse of Memory” encompasses overlapping themes present in Alexander’s work – themes that focus on the fragility and temporality of being. Alexander works within a space where function loses its relevance, the concrete becomes malleable or ephemeral, and purpose is subverted by ritual. Stone and steel are covered in wax and salt. No longer symbols for strength, they are instead reduced to pure elements from which drawings emerge.

With their original purpose in mind, Alexander transforms found materials into precious vessels – containers that hold a particular space in time, a space familiar and unknown, illusions of remembered scenes and events. Each space invents a material dialogue of private symbols and codes. Here in Alexander’s lapse of memory lie moments preserved and fossilized behind glass that quietly and slowly decay never to be seen again.

Through August 20.

Take 75/85 South. Take the Freedom Parkway Exit 248C. Turn right onto Boulevard SE. Turn right onto Memorial. Turn right on Grant St. Turn left onto Martin Luther King Jr. Dr SE.
#118 300 MLK JR SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

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