Not Biodegradable at Whitespace

NOT BIODEGRADABLE, curated by Leslie Kneisel

All of the artists included in this exhibition use plastics or petroleum-based products somehow in their process, referentially, materially or both. The artists are all from Los Angeles, with the exception of one, and what ties these six artists together is essentially twofold. Petroleum-based products and plastics are involved in their art through their materials or concepts. They also share certain qualities in their work. A love of the materials and a mindfulness of these materials exude a playfulness and exuberant obsessiveness. A love and awareness of color, even when it is absent, lend a sense of completion in their work, a leaving-no-stone-unturned sensibility. Each artist in their unique way fully explores the capabilities of their chosen material. Whether it be plastic, the substance that endures, or petroleum, wasted on fueling cars, it perhaps could be better utilized in the making of art…then the art would endure forever.

Artists include: Alison Foshee, David Grant, Mery Lynn McCorkle, Jon Rajkovich, Shirley Tse, Mireille Vautier

Through September 4.

814 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307

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