Ann-Marie Manker at Whitespace

The drawings and paintings of Ann-Marie Manker explore psychological narratives through the representation of figurative imagery within fantasy landscapes. Manker’s new body of work, entitled “Softcore War”, focuses on the daydreams of a young female would-be suicide bomber. The imagery supposes the loss of childhood innocence and the longing for an idealized afterlife through suggestive acts or claims of violence.

Manker emasculates the war with her flirtatious subjects and chooses her own symbols for destruction including ammunition that is comprised of birthday candles and balloons, masks made of panties, dishcloths or fur and destroyed cars that melt like ice cream cakes in pale pink or turquoise environments. It is the coming of age where a sweet 16 turns salty or deadly in a sugarcoated world that remains isolated and disconnected from the true realities of war. Manker also employs her use of animal imagery portraying swans and lambs both metaphorically and symbolically in the dual role of victim and accomplice. Manker has created this series on braced wood panels ranging from 12″x12″ to 30″x40″ using graphite, colored lead, acrylic ink, acryla-gouache and acrylic paint.

Through October 9.

814 Edgewood Avenue, Inman Park
Atlanta, GA

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