Oliver Black at ABV

Oliver Black’s inspiration on “The Tank’s Half Full” summer tour 2010:

“After my father visited me in my studio in Oakland a few months ago, I was reflecting on a conversation we had about finding inspiration. After I complained about the lack of that in my life at the time, I decided embarking on a trip to distant lands was in order.

My father, being consistent with his encouragement (as well as the rest of my family, which is an absolute blessing) suggested something more simple and practical. A trip somewhere in the United States. Maybe some where with a cool museum or a local art scene. He suggested the Andy Warhol in Pittsburgh, PA or the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. I have always enjoyed my travels which tend to take me across at least one ocean.

For some reason the idea of seeing the U.S. had never been more appealing as it was in that simple sentence from my father. I figured if I’m gonna be on the road, I might as well try to squeeze some work in there and take advantage of my time. This gave birth to “The Tanks Half Full” U.S. summer tour which will take me from California to New York City, and all the way back, stopping in all of the necks of your woods.

I romanticize about this trip as we approach the 120th anniversary of my great, great grandfather Alexander Black’s first picture play ‘Miss Jerry’. Which some scholars and other pre-cinema enthusiasts would proudly acknowledge was the beginning of the motion picture as we know it today. In smaller words, movies.
In 1895-1900 he made his way around the U.S by train with suitcases full of glass slides, one assistant, and a vision he wanted to share with people all over this incredible country.

I am very proud to continue this creative legacy than runs through my blood as it did for my great, great grandfather. I imagine a meeting between the two of us, a century of separation understanding that we are products of our different environments, but are bonded by a similar vision. To absorb and create and to share with the people we meet along our way.

West side west side ride or die word to ALL your mothers.”

Through August 22.

ABV Gallery
659 Auburn Ave. #504
Atlanta, GA 30312

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