Sean Abrahams + Erin McCamant at Kibbee

“Glitter and Ghouls,” new works by Sean Abrahams and Erin McCamant

Sean Abrahams’ recent collections of work deal with self-honesty within the art making process. His works show an affinity for today’s new psychedelic aesthetic and construction methods used in collage/mash-up music. He makes these works largely to amuse himself and his friends using humorous, symbolic, and peculiar imagery that is recognized on a personal and universal level. Through a stream of consciousness approach to drawing and painting, Sean aims to discover a place of personal comfort where creativity is not forced but is as natural as breathing.

Erin McCamant’s new body of work further explores her fascination with textiles, color and the process of creating art through craft. Her imagery is inspired by found family photographs, flags, fabric manipulation, fashion and abstractions of costume jewelry. Erin combines these elements to create a carnival atmosphere and celebrate her love of gaudiness through seemingly tacky colors, a mess of prints and patterns, and glitter.

Through August 28.

Kibbee Gallery
688 Linwood Dr., Atlanta, GA 30306 (behind Fellini’s on Ponce)

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