Southern Landscapes at Swan Coach House

The Swan Coach House Gallery and the Forward Arts Foundation will open to the public its late summer exhibition “Through a Window of Paint”. Seventeen artists from Georgia and the Southeast who paint realistic landscape paintings have been invited to participate in this beautiful show.

“Although realistic landscape painting is not highly discussed in contemporary art circles, I thought it timely to consider its survival as an art form.” says Marianne Lambert, Curator of the Swan Coach House Gallery. “Keeping to Swan Coach House Gallery’s mission to focus on the South, I sought out regional artists interested in depicting the beauty of the natural world. I had several criteria in curating this exhibition: first, each painting had to represent the landscape without buildings, boats, animals, or people (although there are a few minor exceptions). Always, the contemplation of the natural landscape had to be paramount. I sought paintings that were highly realistic–as though you are glancing out of a window at a real landscape. Finally, I wanted the paintings to each reveal the artist’s great love of the land.”

Some of the painters work literally by representing the specific scene in front of them. Others create their landscapes through their imagination. Some embellish the vistas they are seeing, or knit several landscapes together to create more perfect images. Uniting these artists as a group are their creative and technical abilities to describe the very literal world they see.

The artists included in this exhibition are: Luke Allsbrook (NC) , Beverly Baker (GA), John L. Cleaveland, Jr (GA)., Silas Durant (GA), Peggy Everett (GA), Rebecca Fagg (NC), Michael Harrell , Ed Kellogg (TN), Jeffrey Kronsnoble (FL), Terry Moeller (GA), Ward H. Nichols (NC), Brett Osborn (GA), Peter Polites (GA), Joe Remillard (GA), Elizabeth Stockton (GA), Roger Mark Walton (GA), and Gena Spivey VanderKloot (GA).

The Swan Coach House is administered by The Forward Arts Foundation which supports the visual arts community in Atlanta.

This exhibition is sponsored by Marjorie E. West

August 12-Oct. 2, 2010

Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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