Dreamer Boy Dan at MINT

“Homegrown nightmares to haunt the Old 4th Ward”

Dreamer Boy Dan is the collaborative work of poets, painters, and musicians from Atlanta, Savannah, and Brooklyn building a collective lucid dream. The project tells the tale of a character trapped in his imagination and explored through multiple mediums. An exhibition of paintings and a live performance by the ten member band opens August 27th at Atlanta’s MINT Gallery.

In the spirit Grimm’s Fairy Tales, insomnia, and the collective unconscious, Dreamer Boy Dan is a gothic fairy tale of contemporary nightmares.

Creators Nic*Rad and Brock Scott began working together while studying at SCAD in Savannah and Atlanta. The duo enlisted ten eerily talented musicians to help complete the vision.

The show will be up through September 19. The team hopes to continue with the Dreamer Boy Dan series of nightmares until someone wakes them up.

MINT Gallery
684B John Wesley Dobbs Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312

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