James O’Donnell at Eyedrum

In his powerful and deeply personal performance Love Letters to the Sea, artist James O’Donnell recounts his discovery of 15 journals left behind by his deceased mother who suffered from schizophrenia. Searching for meaning in madness, James relives childhood traumas in his journey to discover a woman he never really knew and perhaps even salvation.

Through spoken-word, video, and performance, James brings to life the hidden world of his mother from the writings two very different times in her life. The first set of journals records his birth and infancy while the second details his mother’s decline into mental illness. Between these two worlds, between the pages, James desperately seeks answers, exploring memories, madness, death, and ultimately love.

James O’Donnell is an artist and art teacher pursuing an MFA at Georgia State University.

290 MLK Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30312

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