Rory Golden at Avisca

Avisca Fine Art Gallery will present a groundbreaking exhibition of works by New York-based artist Rory Golden in his first solo exhibition in the Atlanta area. The exhibition “Rory Golden: No Escape from Love” will feature his enigmatic figurative narrative paintings of recent series, but will also include works from his earlier portrait series depicting black males. The exhibition will be on view at Avisca Fine Art Gallery from October 2 through October 16, 2010.

“Rory Golden is a powerfully articulate artist who takes on some highly charged issues and this exhibition may ruffle some feathers, especially here in the conservative South”, says Byrma Braham, director of Avisca Fine Art Gallery. “But as a gallery that seeks to be relevant, we have to push boundaries sometimes, as well as accommodate a range of voices and a diversity of expressions.”

Rory Golden creates multi-layered figurative work that deals in an unabashed and often provocative way with issues surrounding race, representation, sexual identity and desire. His work takes us to the deep end of our psychic pool where we navigate the psychologically complex and ambiguous waters of our lives, where erotic tension and sexual fantasy are ironically paired with their opposites: struggle and the potential for violence.

In his early work Golden achieved a metaphorical and allegorical engagement with recent history and incidents of violence motivated both by race and homophobia. In the work that forms the core of this exhibition, he pulls us deep into his psyche and into a tenebrous meditation on the dialectics of desire. Stereotypical conventions of racial representation in pornography are appropriated and abstracted to make his point. Nude black males set against a backdrop of macabre, mashed-up color field washings function both as the subjects of curious narratives and as a cultural screen onto which our fears and fantasies are projected.

Avisca Fine Art Gallery
Avisca Fine Art Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery specializing in artworks created by black artist in the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean. In addition to its particular focus, the gallery also strives to present a diverse range of artistic expressions and to serve the local art community by featuring local talent. Through its programs, exhibitions, educational activities and an extensive library of books on African American and Caribbean art, the gallery seeks to be a vital cultural resource and to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the Marietta community and the greater Atlanta area.

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