Michael David Murphy + Margaret Fletcher at Spruill

The Spruill Gallery is presents a retrospective of Atlanta artist Michael David Murphy. In choosing the title of this exhibition Murphy explains, “Certainty Principle is an inclusive body of work I’ve developed over the last five years. Before writing or making pictures, I lived consumed by the sporting world, and consequently see picture-making as a direct extension of my earlier, physical obsessions; an athletics of aesthetics. These photographs illuminate for me the weird wonder of aliveness. I don’t want to live in a world where these pictures aren’t possible. They are confirmation that life is a sequence of surprises, and that sharing small success like these isn’t art’s only draw, but at the end of the day, it might be just enough to get you through.”

Margaret Fletcher’s paintings take inspiration from pattern. Flow, rigidity and chance. Her imagery is an ongoing investigation into the structure of letterforms stripped from the context of everyday configurations. In her new body of work, Ocus Fletcher focuses specifically on issues related to thought, emotion, and expression through swarming and flocking of letterforms.

September 24-October 30, 2010.

Spruill Gallery
4681 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30338

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