David Rams + William Rossotto at Emerging Art Scene

Emerging Art Scene Gallery presents “Composites: The Art of Rams & Rossotto.”

The Composite Series with David Rams & William Rossoto has been a ten year odyssey similar to Homer’s description of the return to Ithica. For years David Rams, a professional photographer for Playboy and numerous other publications, and William Rossoto, artist and architect, talked about collaborating to produce a series of highly conceptual works of art.

After several false starts and experiments, the Leaf Series was born when Rams sighted some beautiful dead leaves while at a photo shoot on a private island off the Florida Keys. After his photo shoot he spent hours photographing as many leaves as he could, many he had never seen before. When Rossotto saw the leaf pictures, he knew they had hit gold for the series they had been struggling with for years. The leaves were exquisite, beautiful in the state between life and decay, which we all experience. This allowed expression of the ideas they had pondered for years about DNA, destiny, fractal geometry, sacred symbols, and social programming. One can view these works of art as merely decorative or as symbols for the questions we all ask about life.

These unusual works are created by Rams using a special emulsion process to get the photographs onto the canvas, Then Rossotto applys his old architectural graphite drawings to the canvas and paints them. On some Rams comes back and adds more attributes. These works are archival quality and special attention has been paid to making sure the mixed media used is properly sequenced, such as using acrylic emulsions before any oil paint is applied.

Exhibition runs October 1-November 6

Opening reception: October 8, 2010
Artist talk: November 6, 2010

Emerging Art Scene Gallery
321 Nelson Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30319
(404) 890-0532

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