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Local artist A. B. Lovell will be featured at the next Art Walk at Studioplex in the Old Fourth Ward

Studioplex, the live/work community in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward, hosts its monthly Art Walk . The work of American artist A. B. Lovell will be featured in the new sales center at space #505 in the Pavilion, between Janke glass studios and ABV Gallery.

A graduate of the University of Alabama where he minored in sculpture, A. B. is interested in the balance of elemental forces: specifically nature vs. industry – man’s desire to build while nature moves to break down and reclaim. Constructed of balanced lines, ambient geologic textures and organic coloration, according to A.B., his work implies the passage of time on a grand scale and is in reverence to nature’s subtle detail.

Other galleries participating in this month’s Art Walk will include:

Archetype Gallery –  recently opened their new space at Studioplex (Loft #124) and will present their first show during the Art Walk on November 12, “Let There Be Meat in My House: Consumerism 2010”, and will feature the work of artist Shannon Riddle. Archetype is an “artist owned gallery developed to provide a space / voice for emerging, mid-career, and established artists that deal with concerns of the other.”

Jack Art Gallery – will present “snap shot”, an exhibit which coincides with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, featuring the work of four of Atlanta’s emerging photographers: Jeremy Davis, David Foster, Lindsey Miller and Charles Pennington. The show closes on November 12. Jack Art Gallery is located in the Pavilion at Studioplex, Suite 503, next to Serpas;

ABV Gallery & Studio and Yellowpants Gallery – current exhibition, “Overseas & Undertones”, a transatlantic group show featuring 13 artists including London-based Sickboy and Maria Imaginário from Lisbon, will remain on view through November 15.

A number of other galleries and lofts will be open during the ‘Fourth Fridays’ Art Walk. For a complete listing, visit the Art Walk’s Facebook page.

Due to the upcoming holidays in December, the next Art Walk at Studioplex will be held on the 2nd Friday of the month: Friday, December 10. The regular ‘Fourth Fridays’ Art Walk at Studioplex will resume on Friday, January 28, 2011.

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