Christina Price Washington at Tanner Hill

{Poem88} at Tanner-Hill Gallery presents Christina Price Washington, “Studies from Home.” Pristine photographs of hearths and thresholds work side by side with gestural drawings – tracings of the nightly migrations of her and her husband’s pillows around the periphery of their bed. Stillness and activity, fastidious documentation and unsentimental precision imbue the mundane with a curious tension: furnishings, bed clothes, bread crumbs, strands of hair tell a story of domestic life with quiet purpose. Born in California of German parents and educated in both Germany and the U.S., Christina Price Washington’s images straddle two aesthetic worlds.

Artist talk and readings, Saturday, January 21, 3 p.m.

Through Feb. 12.

Tanner Hill Gallery
White Provision Building
1170 Howell Mill Road, Suite 111
Atlanta, Ga. 30318

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