Martha Whittington at Studioplex

Martha Whittington presents “100 Whispers a Soundscape” for public viewing at Studioplex. Known for her ephemeral, kinetic sculptural installations, Whittington’s new work incorporates sound of 100 spoken whispers with the beauty of 100 singing bowls. The work creates an experience of cultural, ethnic and social synthesis, infusing the gallery space with a meditative, otherworldly atmosphere.

Whittington has collected the spoken word, “Whisper” from 100 people in the Atlanta community. Their names will be listed as contributors on the opening wall of the exhibit. The voices guide viewers through an array of 100 beaten, stainless steel bowls using tone, timbre, measure and scale as a sound experience.

Two simple sculptural objects combine in this project: a bowl and a sound. Both are archetypal in nature, meant to elicit a response from the deeper consciousness of the viewer. The bowl is a circle, an empty vessel, a utilitarian object, as well as an essential religious icon of chalice, singing bowl, font. The sound transmitted through the bowl is the spoken word, “Whisper.” The word is symbolic of intimacy, even love, but also of tale telling and secrecy. A word whispered seems truer than a word spoken. In a world where we are bombarded with strident political rhetoric, high decibel music, and loud, chaotic advertising slogans, 100 Whispers presents relief and a new way to combine our strange diversity into a singular experience.

Through January 7.

143 Auburn Avenue NE Unit #143
Atlanta, Georgia 30312

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