H.C. Warner Collaborations at Alcove (Final Show!)

“Ignition” – Collaborations by H.C. Warner

“It’s time to say ‘good-bye’ ladies and gentlemen… the final show at the ALCOVE. I will truly miss seeing everyone for our traditional monthly toast to personal freedom and happiness. It has been a whirlpool of talent, great memories, and I feel like the richest man on the planet with such great friends. We would like to throw one final BLOWOUT with Tiger! Tiger!… a new series of work from yours truly with collaborations with Brian Colin, Chris Dierking, Chris Hamer, Joe Peery, Jason Thomas, Bart Webb, Benji Williams, and others. The night will also include provisions and options for some of the best BBQ in town! My deepest gratitude for making all of this possible and breathing life into these walls.

I will move ahead in the direction of a travelling “circus” and focusing on my personal work and developing “Munkeytown”. January will open into teaching a “branding” class back in my old stomping grounds on Bennett Street. The Alcove site will have a stronger direction for online sales, a tour guide, and a collection of miscellaneous exhibitions will conjure again in time.

It has been an amazing and educational decade. Please come see the Dec. 11 show as we wind down, say goodbyes, and launch another journey. The next series of vagabond events and our official door closing date will be posted online shortly.” – H.C. Warner

Alcove Arts Gallery
2852 East College Ave
Decatur, Ga. 30030
[In between James Joyce Pub / Waffle House]

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