Corrine Colarusso at Sandler Hudson

Sandler Hudson Gallery presents an exhibition of recent paintings by Corrine Colarusso. Shaggy Land February 25 – April 2, 2011, includes large scale paintings completed from 2008-2010. Colarusso paints the landscape and visions of the natural world, real and imagined, because it offers the moving experience of positioning one’s place in the world. Embodying a long history in art and culture, landscape offe…rs recognition, familiarity, and sometimes strangeness; a place apart. In Colarusso’s work, she suggests that we have limited access to the deep patterns of nature. We acknowledge environmental awareness as subtext, but that seems to put us further afield. In her work, Landscape, Nature, offers us a contemplated reality; no matter how beautiful or bleak the landscape may appear, we are aware of something else- something fugitive. Her paintings address this ‘something else- something fugitive- contemplated- reality’. In the bright elementary sunrise and in the gloaming, these paintings suggest the world is a malleable place. The night can be a cloak of revelations as in Radiant Night or an endless loop of woe as in Dark Engine, where the engine of night combines with that of the mind to create a place of strange and treacherous beauty. Colarusso states; “The realism my work presents is more about how things feel rather than verisimilitude”. Large enough to offer an immersive experience, these paintings make room for the viewer. Eric O’Dell, Curator for Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georgia writes “Colarusso’s paintings do not snap you up. Instead, you are absorbed. They resonate with the feeling of big solitude that is welcomed and wordlessly contemplative. And, like an ancient epic, the largeness is comprised of well-crafted, well turned couplets that stand on their own”. These powerful paintings help us find a way towards re-enchantment with the natural world. They re-mystify our relationship with painting. They are about visual ways of knowing; ourselves, nature, bioluminescence, the shaggy southern landscape, things seen and unseen, patterns and signals within the language of reeds, grasses, and things that glow.

Colarusso has been the recipient of many awards and grants including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts Grant, a Fulbright-Hayes Research and travel grant to India and Nepal. She has been a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome, the Cortona Program of the University of Georgia, and the Ossabaw Island Project. Her work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions and is included in numerous public, private and corporate collections.

Through April 2. Artist talk March 19.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
1009-A Marietta St. NW
Atlanta GA 30318

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