Nate Moore at Emily Amy

Emily Amy Gallery presents Skyward, an exhibition of new works by Little Rock, Arkansas-based artist, Nate Moore. The exhibition will include Moore’s characteristic origami airplanes presented both in fabricated grid patterns as well as in random large-scale installations. P

“My work with origami expresses my need to bring order and meaning to randomness. When I see the formations pointing skyward, I imagine the jets poised to launch in an exodus toward a utopia in which humanity is just and beautiful. Although the jets make sense en masse, each as an individual has a single and unique identity represented by its pattern and color. However, the jet’s shape, rather than its individual design, brings uniformity and camaraderie to each formation.

The thousands of origami jets I fold are done in a technique that my older sister taught me during my childhood. The paper that I fold comes from various found and discarded sources, such as magazines, old science books, and technical how-to manuals. I flip through each source, removing only the pages that have an interesting or striking design element. Sometimes I feel a strange sadness for the books and magazines that get destroyed for the sake of my art, but I have to remember that these sources will most likely be destroyed anyway. The negative space between the jets reveals the shape of an inverted jet and reminds me of all of the books I’ve dissected. I look at the formations as a whole, and in the negative space I see a fleet of phantom jets, pointing downward, representing the jets that could have been, the pages that I didn’t choose, and the shells of the books I leave behind.” – Nate Moore

Skyward marks the first time Moore has shown with Emily Amy Gallery. The exhibition is in collaboration with neighboring Westside Arts District gallery, Get This!. Cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres will be served and the artist will be present to answer questions.

Through January 29

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Emily Amy Gallery
1000 Marietta Street, Suite 208
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 877-5626

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