Wendy Given at Whitespace

Wendy Given produces work that resonates in the deep, dark and unstable ground between consciousness and collective memory. The current exhibition “Turn Your Back to the Forest, Your Front to Me” consists of various portraits, objects and scenes depicting the subtle locus between metaphor, allegory, fact and fiction. The majority of the work was conceived and produced during a month long artist residency in 2010 at Caldera and Blue Lake in idyllic Sisters, Oregon.

Given’s photographs and sculptures are constructed to introduce a contemporary narrative directed by centuries of folklore and legend-ultimately depicting the fine, delicate line between realism and imagination. Given is keenly interested in observing and documenting the otherworldly-or seemingly supernatural-in the everyday experience, realizing an ongoing fascination with myth and magic.

Given received her Master’s of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California and her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work in photography and video has been exhibited in Germany, The Netherlands and nationally.

Given is a Portland, Oregon based visual artist where her work is produced with her husband, two dogs and cat.

Through Feb. 26.

814 Edgewood Avenue

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