Unity 연합 at KCPC

Unity 연합 features artists Don Lee 이동용 Elizabeth Baek 백주영 Esther Woo 우에스더 Ray Yeo 여전형 Whojeong Lee 이후정 J I R E H [이레] Founded in September 18th, 2010, “JIREH” is a group of Christian artists who share the goal to glorify God with his or her talents given by Him. JIREH members share ideas about recent art theories and trend through weekly meeting, seminar and fellowship in order to encourage each other to grow as an artist and as a Christian. JIREH members continuously seek for their gifts and vision in prayer, obtain inspiration through the relationship with … Continue reading Unity 연합 at KCPC

Taking Part at ATHICA

ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art presents “Taking Part,” an exhibition of participatory art by six artists who employ a range of approaches to bring their projects to fruition. While all of the artists incorporate input from the public, some request input from their non-artist collaborators before the work is finalized, while others incorporate participation during the exhibition. However, for all the projects the artist’s involvement remains essential to the final outcome. The exhibit runs from Saturday, January 22nd to Sunday, March 6th, 2011, with a number of affiliated events enhancing the discussion of this contemporary art-making methodology. Participatory art … Continue reading Taking Part at ATHICA

The State VS Kris Kringle at Beep Beep

“The State VS Kris Kringle” is a holiday styled group show about childhood desires and expectations. The exhibit is set up like a mock trial wherein artists depict their Christmas wishes to Santa as evidence, implicating the jolly fat man as someone who has broken a contract and must now face a hefty lawsuit. For all those who never got that train set or that blue limited edition Troll doll, “Letters to Santa” is the art show to get your compensation from St. Nick. Artists include: Ali Weeks, Ashlee Oliver, Aubrey Pope, Ben Goldman, Brandon Crawford, Heather Elder, J.R. Schulz, … Continue reading The State VS Kris Kringle at Beep Beep