The State VS Kris Kringle at Beep Beep

“The State VS Kris Kringle” is a holiday styled group show about childhood desires and expectations. The exhibit is set up like a mock trial wherein artists depict their Christmas wishes to Santa as evidence, implicating the jolly fat man as someone who has broken a contract and must now face a hefty lawsuit. For all those who never got that train set or that blue limited edition Troll doll, “Letters to Santa” is the art show to get your compensation from St. Nick.

Artists include:
Ali Weeks, Ashlee Oliver, Aubrey Pope, Ben Goldman, Brandon Crawford, Heather Elder, J.R. Schulz, Jim O’ Donnell, Joy Phrasavath,Keri Boles, Lindsey Elcessor, Lydia Walls, Matt Relkin, Mike Germon, Sam Parker, Sanithna Phansavanh, Sean Fahie, Steven Westdahl, Sunni Johnson, Travis Smith

Through Dec. 22.

Beep Beep Gallery
696 Charles Allen Drive
Atlanta, Ga 30308

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