Life Iconic at Get This!

Get This! Gallery presents the group exhibition Life Iconic, a group print exhibition curated by Atlanta based artist Jiha Moon. Life Iconic showcases exciting emerging/mid career artists whose works engage with the idea of iconography in life. Iconography is evident in all of these artists’ work, and is drawn from subjects as varied as everyday life, nature and pattern, minimalism and abstraction throughout the exhibition. For some of the artists it appears in a bold and graphic style, for others it is as their subject or an inventive device, and for yet others it may be a subtle undercurrent.

This exhibition explores of the notion of printmaking as a point of departure, and also questions the relevance of the distinction between “original” vs. “multiple” art objects. As opposed to traditional painting or sculpture, prints have long been considered affordable types of original art work- this can be quite misleading in this exhibition. For many of the works in this show break from the traditional conventions of limited-edition art prints. Several monotypes and one unlimited edition are included. Printing has become a medium that artists experiment and explore all aspects of; conceptually, technically, and formally. It is no longer simply something that is done as a means to create multiple images- although obviously that is still part of it.

This show contains works that were not only generated as hand-pulled prints, but also painstakingly drawn digital prints, found prints as sculpture, moving images made out of thousands of etching prints, meticulously hand paper-cut linoleum prints, spontaneously approached mono-prints, maximal approached screen prints with over 40 colors, and photo process based monotypes as well.

Artists in the show:
Mattew Craven, Terri Dilling, Tim Eads, Peter Feldstein, Peregrine Honig, Kakyoung Lee, Adam Palmer, Hannah Skoonberg, Christine Tillman, Jason Urban

Through March 5.

Curator talk:
Saturday, February 19, 1-2pm (during Westside Arts 3rd Saturday Art Walk)

Get This! Gallery
662 11th Street NW
Atlanta GA, 30318

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