Ponce Crush

Three Atlanta galleries announce the birth of Ponce Crush.

What’s Ponce Crush? It’s a gallery crawl of Young Blood, Beep Beep and Kibbee Galleries, all centered around Ponce de Leon Ave.

“We hope to encourage show attendance and support of the arts in Atlanta,” says Ann-Marie Manker of Kibbee Gallery.

The three galleries will now host the opening receptions for their monthly art shows on the same night of the month, which usually falls on the first Saturday.

“There’s a great deal of mutual respect between the galleries, and with our spaces being so close, creating a this kind of event felt like a natural progression,” adds James McConnell of Beep Beep Gallery.

The collective will kick off their inaugural Ponce Crush openings on Saturday, January 8,2010, with a concerted animal theme.

Young Blood: Anima and Animus
Beep Beep: Year of the Rabbit
Kibbee: Picturing the Beast: Animal Imagery in Contemporary Prints

Ponce Crush
Ponce Crush

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